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home of blues & boogie, jump jive and rock 'n' Roll

a short story about what we do

We spend countless hours organising Blues & Boogie, Jump Jive and Rock 'n' Roll events and hand-picking musicians, DJs and dance gurus local to the area and across the world, so that you can enjoy the music you love, with the people who share your interests. 

We operate in venues that keep you close to the artists and surrounded by a like-minded crowd, because we know you like old-school connections and spectacular sounds as much as we do.

the home of blues, jive and rock 'n' roll

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our customers say it best

I am never disappointed with the quality of Boogaloo events. Friendly, approachable team. Extremely well managed by organiser. There is always a constant monitoring of events and always someone from the team available to talk to. A lot of thought and effort has gone into each event - good choice of bands, DJs, dance teachers and venue. Just like attending a private dance party that lasts all weekend. If you enjoy social dancing, the dance classes are a must as this is where you will meet new dance partners.

brenda alison 

From arriving to leaving you feel your among friends. Over several now we've made so many friends we always look forward to seeing again. We choose Boogaloo weekends because they are such great fun, its like a weekend late night break, enjoying the music you love, meeting not only others but artists as well, in many ways its the future of music, great crowds and equally great atmosphere, that's why we keep on going.

Pete clack

What I like most about Boogaloo events is the music, meeting all our friends that go on a regular basis, the late night jam sessions and the lovely happy, relaxed atmosphere of being around people with the same interests and tastes. Great value for money too! I was recommended and my only regret is that I didn’t go before!




01252 793430

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