In addition to Boogaloo’s own promotions and events, we also run a Booking Agency. This has been in response to the countless requests from individuals searching for the ‘right’ band, and from musicians seeking opportunities.

We have loads of contacts as a result of our own promotions, and all the bands have been tried and tested in our own events.

Want a band for a special occasion? We can identify bands for:

Festivals, Clubs, Pubs and Celebrations

We can take the hassle out of your bookings, and work with you to find a band that meets your event and budget. We will also give you free advice if you are not familiar with booking sound systems, etc.

We’re also good at finding bands for last minute events or cancellations!

These are just some of the bands on our books:

Blues: The Stumble, Nicky Moore’s Blues Corporation, Earl Jackson Blues Band, Dr JJ’s Blues Band, The SPIKEdrivers, Ben Waters Band
Rock’n’Roll: Earl Jackson Band
Boogie: Ben Waters Band
Jazz: Digby Fairweather’s Half Dozen
Acoustic artists: Sonny Black, Steve Smith, Tony Farinha

Contact us for details!