Stompin’ Dave at South Hill Park

The amazing ‘Stompin’ Dave’ will be appearing in the Cellar Bar at South Hill Park on Wednesday 16th May 2012.

Stompin’ Dave is an amazingly talented musician who plays guitar, fiddle, banjo, piano and harmonica.  He’s also a great singer with a fine sense of humour.

All that, and he dances too!  Stompin’ Dave just has to be seen!  At South Hill Park he will be aided and abetted by Earl Jackson on bass.  Not to be missed!

Boogaloo at South Hill Park

We have some brilliant gigs at our new venue at South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknell. The venue we’re using is the Cellar Bar, which is about 100 capacity, with great acoustics, lots of interesting nooks and crannies and its own licensed bar. South Hill Park is easy to find and has loads of free parking as well as a separate bar and cafe, so that you can always get something to eat as well as a wider selection of drinks.

We’ve got some great acts coming up, including Ian Parker on Wednesday 30th May, Dani Wilde‘s 3-piece band on Wednesday 13th June, the Chuck Farley Band on Wednesday 27th June and YES, now confirmed (!), Eugene Hideaway Bridges on Wednesday 11th July! A brilliant line-up!